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Our Policies and Regulations
Please familiarize yourself and your child with this information. These policies will be enforced; for questions concerning any of our policies do not hesitate to contact us at (703)634-9719 or email

Observing Sport Camp

Parents/Guardian’s are allowed to sit and observe the sport session. However, no one is allowed on the field during the sport session except coaches, youth and Royal Athletes' staff.  Parents/Guardians are allowed to take photographs of their child ONLY. Any photo that includes another child of another parent should not be posted on social media sites.


Athletes should arrive 5 or 10 min before each sport session. Please make sure small children have had a bathroom break before class, as this helps eliminate the need for “emergency” bathroom breaks during a session. We ask that athletes do not arrive late, for it may cause distraction during a session. It is very important that athletes attend all sessions or camps as excessive absences and tardiness can prevent a child's progress. While there are some understandable excused absences (illness, funeral, mandatory school/church functions), it is responsible to be present for each session if there are no circumstances hindering the child's attendance. There are no Make-Up sessions for athletes who have inexcusable absents. Drop-off and Pick-Up are to be done ON TIME. Please notify the Director or Lead Coach prior to class ending if your child will be picked up late. There will be a late fee charged if pick-up is longer than 15 minutes past the ending of a session.


It is our intention to remain open for all scheduled sessions. Parents/Guardians will be notified 2 hours before session by email and website if we must close for severe weather conditions or any other circumstance. When in doubt give us a call or email. Due to any cancellation, Parents/Guardians will be further notified if class will be able to have a Make-Up. Refunds are not given if session is cancelled and there are no Make-Ups.

Dress Code/Code of Conduct/Behavior

Athletes are to come to camp and/or sport session dressed in their proper sport attire. Considering the type of sport, the youth should dress appropriately. One Royal Athlete t-shirt will be provided to each athlete if they participate in a week long camp. Athletes and parents are able to purchase t-shirts by contacting Maya Botchway, Please see the proper attire for each sport below:
Football: Tennis shoes (Football cleats preferred), black, white, grey or blue shorts or sweatpants and Royal Athletes' t-shirt
Soccer: Tennis shoes ( Soccer cleats preferred) , black, white, grey or blue shorts or sweatpants and Royal Athletes' t-shirt
Basketball: Tennis shoes, black, white, grey or blue shorts or sweatpants and Royal Athletes' t-shirt 
All athletes are to come to class ready to participate. NO ONE is to sit out, unless an athlete shows a case of illness/sickness, or bodily injury. Athletes are to be respectful to coaches and fellow athletes at all times. Athletes who are disruptive will be ask to sit out during instruction or the end of session (Parents/Guardian’s will be notified before/or after action is put in place). Parents/Guardians are responsible for any facility damages caused by the athlete.


Payments are to be made in FULL before sessions begin. Payment of cash, check or money-order (payable to: ‘’Royal Athletes"’) can be mailed to P.O Box 768 Dumfries,VA 22026. Any returned checks will incur a $35.00 fee. You may also register and pay online at or by clicking here  (Debit/Credit accepted online). Family Rates are 10% off total service price for 2+ siblings in a week long sport camp. The Family rate does not apply to weekend or one-on-one sessions. ALL payments are NON-REFUNDABLE. Any Cancellation or Discontinuing of sessions before or during service will also be NON-REFUNDABLE.


  1. Athletes are to reflect our motto of "We Don't Work, We GRIND!" and come to class with a POSITIVE and Ready to Learn Attitude!
  2. No gum, food, or drinks are allowed during sport session. Water bottle is permitted.
  3. Athletes are to arrive ON TIME to class with proper attire, shoes, and hair secured. No jewelry may be worn (unless small earrings).
  4. Athletes are to be RESPECTFUL to the coaches and peers.
  5. We expect all youth to keep the field area and bathrooms CLEAN.
  6. Athletes are to participate in ALL sport lessons.
  7. Athletes must mark their belongings clearly with their full name.
  8. Athletes are to keep hands and feet to themselves, unless utilized in sport drill or game.
  9. Any athlete who repeatedly disrupts the sport session will be dismissed from the session.